Ensilage Grass Plus

Inoculant for ensiling legumes and cereals which is a powdery substance , consisting of homofermentative lactic acid bacteria of five strains.

The use of the highly efficient Ensilage Grass Plus inoculant guarantees the presence of a large number of required bacteria which ensure fast production of lactic acid and maximum retention of nutrients in the harvested feed.

The number of bacteria per 1 g is at least 1,5 * 1011 (150 billion) KBE / g.


*PEL – pure energy of lactation
*DM – dry matter


The total number of lactic acid bacteria 1,5 * 1011(150 billion) KBE / g
*КBE – colony forming units

Weight and dosage

Ensilage Grass Plus realized in plastic, hermetically closed jar 250 g of powdery substance, which can process 250 tons of silage mass.
Dispense the resulting solution according to the instructions for the applicator.


Ensilage Grass Plus contains live bacteria that are freeze dried. They must be protected from heat and sunlight.
The best way to store it is in a refrigerator, where it can be stored for a long time.