Ensilage Corn Plus

Inoculant for corn ensiling is a powdery substance consisting of homofermentative lactic acid bacteria of five strains.

Ensilage Corn Plus inoculant improves the quality of canned mass and the nutritional energy value of feed, contains a high concentration of specialized lactic acid bacteria, and intensively converts plant sugars into organic acids.
The bacteria provide a high rate of decrease in the pH of the feed.

Cattle can be fed 7 days after the completion of the ensiling technology.

This reduces the likelihood of unwanted fermentation and loss of nutritional qualities of the feed.

The number of bacteria per 1 g is at least 1,5 * 1011 (150 billion) KBE/g.


*DM – dry matter


The total number of lactic acid bacteria 1,5 * 1011(150 billion) KBE/g
*КBE – colony forming units

Weight and dosage

Ensilage Corn Plus realized in plastic, hermetically closed jar 250 g of powdery substance, which can process 250 tons of silage mass.
Dispense the resulting solution according to the instructions for the applicator.


Ensilage Corn Plus contains live bacteria that are freeze dried. They must be protected from heat and sunlight.
The best way to store it is in a refrigerator, where it can be stored for a long time.